Executive Committee Positions

CCBD Nominations and Elections Committee
 Executive Committee Elected Positions

  • Vice-President (1 year term; then become: President Elect, 1 year term; President, 1 year term; and Past President, 1 year term)   
  • Treasurer (4 year term)   
  • Representative A (2 year term)   
  • Secretary/Representative B (2 year term)
  • Canadian Member at Large (2 year term)   
  • Ethnic and Multicultural Member at Large (2 year term)   
  • Student Member At-Large (2 year term)
  • Nominations and Elections Committee Member (2 year term) 
Abbreviated List of Materials Needed for Nomination
  1. Statement accepting nomination
  2. CEC membership number of the nominee
  3. Statement that presents, in 1,000 words or less, the following:  a.  issues for the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (may involve students, professionals, or other issues); b.  responses needed to deal with issues identified, and c.  how the nominee, if elected, would respond to the issues while on the CCBD Executive Committee;
  4. Condensed resume or vita (maximum of four pages).
  5. A ballot statement describing nominee’s qualifications, perspectives, and/or goals. This will be included in the ballot verbatim, and length must not exceed 100 words.