Awards & Nominations

The Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD) remains committed to encouraging individuals who work with children and youth with behavior disorders to fully participate in CCBD.  We feel that active participation in the direction of CCBD is an investment in the field, research, and practice of working with students in the most fulfilling way.

In an effort to provide individuals with opportunities to participate and shape CCBD now and into the future, CCBD has open nominations for executive committee positions on a rotating basis.  Positions become open for nomination in a staggered manner to allow opportunities for any interested party.  For more information. please click the Executive Committee Nominations tab to the left side of the page.

CCBD's mission is to support the learning and growth of students with behavioral and/or emotional disorders.  CCBD offers support and recognition to those individuals who are new to the field and those with longstanding dedication to student success.  Through the Carl Fenichel Memorial Research Award, the Outstanding Leadership Award, Regional Teacher of the Year Award (Region Determined by Location of International CEC), and the Outstanding Professional Performance Award CCBD attempts to encourage and recognize those who provide supports to make students successful.  For more information. please click the Research & Service Awards Nominations link in the drop down menu